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"A nice, hot humid August Friday, in June!"

First off, I stole this from, sonkikyo, who yanked it from

1. First anime you ever watched: Gundam Wing

2. Your impression of said anime: Thought it was amazing that any studio would develop a script this good, and not loose sigh of it before the end.

3. The anime that bit you in the ass and got you addicted to anime: That would be "Dragonball Z". it is just as fun today as it was when I first saw it.

4. Prettiest anime: Spirited Away

5. The anime you've rewatched the most: Outlaw star. If you like cowboy Bebop, wolfs Rain, and VanDread, this is a must watch.

6. The last anime you watched: "A Wind called Amnesia".

8. Most surreal anime: Vampire Hunter D.

9. Most fucked up anime: That would be "Patlabor II The movie". No anime needs 2 completely different dub jobs! Of course, I had to buy the screwed up version. Its simply awful.
10. The worst anime you own: "Fist of the North Star" after 1000 times, I really don't think seeing somebodies head blow up is advancing the story or anything else, except....blowing their heads up.

11. Your favorite anime soundtrack: That would be a tie between "Macross Plus" and Ghost in the Shell's made title and Adesso Fortuna from Record of the Lodoss War. I find myself thinking and whistling those tunes often.
12. Favorite anime male: Gene Starwind. Go gene.

13. Favorite anime female: Susuka,( outlaw star) and Marlena from Blue Gender"

14. Anime that you have an unnatural addiction to: the whole Gundam Wing series, and beyond. Some times I actually think it would be cool to make a Gundam in my backyard.

I'm going to add this one.
15. The Anime with the best story. ( this is turning out to be harder than I thought) "Patlabor I, II or III. " Sorry folks, either one of these anime's could be made into a live action movie and you'd swear it was from Rod Sterling or Alfred Hitchcock.

16.The lost treasurer that nobody seems to talk about anime. "Gaseraki"
this is really a great series.

There, thats my contribution for the weekend.

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