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Ode to a stray cat......"Mom" ?/?/? - 6/6/2005

Well, I denied the cold hard irreducible facts as long as I could. 14 months ago, just after I helped Blaze cross over to the Rainbow Bridge, I was visited by a rather large stray cat. We met while I was sitting on my neighbor’s steps, shedding tears over losing Blaze. (I wonder, is this something special about cats, that they know when you’re really sad?). Well, I’m a Samoyed person and while grieving over Blaze, I started to feed this stray cat. I know nothing about Cats. Nothing. Zip. Nada. I started to talk to this cat while she ate. She was a really good listener. The cat stayed away for awhile and then, one evening, I beheld a sight that would stay with me for the rest of my life. The cat, was attempting to herd two very small kittens onto our front porch. ( we started to feed the cat and this would become her special dining room) She would get them to move 4 feet, then a passing car would scare them up a tree where she had to meow them down. I bet it took over an hour for this poor cat to get those two kittens 40 feet! But, the cat pushed the two kittens onto the porch, where the little grey one started to walk right over to where I was standing. “Mom”, as we knew we should call her, picked up the little kitten and stopped him from coming over. This was just over a year ago. In that time, I finally got the two kittens to come into our house and drink milk and eat yummy cat food. We got a cat hotel and they played and pounced on each other while playing. Quite a site to behold. “Mom”, kept coming over to feed and be talked to, but never meowed once to anybody but her kittens. When this nasty, bitter cold winter came, I did everything I could to get these cats to come inside our warm house. But I only managed to get patches and scooter, the two kittens, to come in. Mom would have nothing to do with our house. But she did manage to curl up in my rocking chair on the front porch while the two kittens laid down on either side of her. Some how, maybe with us feeding them expensive cat food ( two 40 pound bags of science diet per month), they all survived. The good news was that scooter, the little grey cat, came inside, and stayed. He had found a home! Mom got us into a feeding habit. Milk and food twice a day. Early early morning and mid morning. And boy, if any other cat were to dare to try and eat her food… Sunday evening, we fed her and she watched as a raccoon ran away from her. We fed her and I talked with her about coming inside again, but she just looked at me and left. My brother fed her Monday morning at around 7:30AM and watched as she left. Some time, within the next 60 minutes, she tried to cross a busy street, and didn’t make it! Today we went to collect her and bury her in our yard. But we missed her. I really wanted to bury her in the yard where her two kittens still come and she had found a home, but that’s not to be. I’m sure “Mom” is a very happy cat now that she knows her two little babies are being cared for. Gosh, I’m sure going to miss you a lot. Looking out the front window will never hold the same expectation as it did when you graced our lives. I can still picture you, sitting down in the front door way, with a kitten sitting down right next to you. Grey boy, (Now called scooter) would nuzzle you. Now, you’re free to play with the rest of the critters at the Rainbow Bridge without fear of freezing. Goodbye my furry friend. If you don't have a pet, you might not be familiar with the term "Rainbow Bridge". Thats the place where all pets, critters go after death, and wait till their special person joins them. I know this probably sounds very childest. But if you've ever lost a pet........

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