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"Goodbye Birdy, hello Comcast...."

Well, within 16 hours from right now, the Comcast truck should be pulling up in front of our house and annouce to the whole world, we're getting cable. YUCK! Gads I hate land based cable. ( if you've ever seen Directv's digital stuff, you'll know why). but, I have to pay off a bunch of bills and the only way I can do that is to cut back or cut out. I already missed 3 weeks of cartoon Network. ( better have a better reason than that, me thinks)
That was special, I got to wittness a 75 pound Samoyed trying to jump through the front door. Poor Raccoons and stray cats. This dog just won't quit picking on them.
But, I yelled at him and he hung his head. He's really a good dog and if we ever get our film out of by brothers pal's SUV, I may update the web site with new Odie pictures ( sounds like a new Cartoon Network series.....Odie Pictures..
I'm crazy right now. night

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