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Well, if this is Thursday the 12th, then tomorrow must be.....

E-gads! Scenes of Jason stalking "everybody" comes to my mind. "Can you hear it?" Yup. Thats the quiet sound of my lawnmower battery being charged. Yeah. another mowing season is about to begin. Oh, my prayers have been answered! Gas at $2.31 per gallon, and climbing. A 6 1/2 horse power lawn mower to mow a lawn that is about 100 X 300!! Yes.. A dream come true! As I watch the national radar showing s.n.o.w. about 400 miles west of here, moving this way. Ah....I'm tired. Got a lot to do and just not a lot of energy to do it with. Do any of you remember "TechTV"? or ZDTV? with Leo Leport and Yoshi,Kevin, Megan, Morgan, Patric? Well.. they've got a new site up.
I really miss those guys. More later. got to see if I need to shovel the driveway out for my brother.

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