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"I'm dreaming of a White Memorial Day....."

Gad zooks. its now only 32 degrees, but the snow left. ( probably for warmer climate?)
I'm about to walk the dog and see how far I can get before the wind chill freezes my ears.
Hey, I just discovered that the computer I'm using is having a birthday today. Its three years old! Wow. I'm impressed. Didn't think Windows XP and this thing would last quite that long. So, I guess I should now be looking around for my next series. If Microsoft can nick name their next generation software "Longhorn", I can I'll call my next computer....."Thor".
I've used up ZERO 1, 2 and this one is 3. ( the ZERO moniker came from my statistical professor at college: he named our Zero Main Frame, ZERO, cause thats the only thing it couldn't do, divide by 0!) To 64 bit or not, thats not even the question. What is is the type of video card I'll be using. I already know I'm going to use an AMD 64 bit processor.
more later, the dog MUST GO OUT NOW.

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