Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

I had my dog put to sleep today......this is starting to be another bad year

Well, this year sucks so far. First, on January 1st, my bro wakes me up to wish me Happy New Years and , oh, by the way, the dryer doesn't work. No big thing, probably a belt. its only been serviced twice since 1963! No way. a graphite barring was froze. yuck. so, not even 24 hours have passed and I'm putting out close to 400 for a dryer ( used too).
the next day, the 2nd,my dog is starting to have oodles of heart pains ( I know, he tells me and I can feel his chest) I call the vet and I guessed right: there is nothing they can do, he is already at the maximum dose. so.....
today I watched as my special pal in the whole wide world, a friend who accepts me for what I am, as I am, closes his eyes one last time. ouch! I haven't stopped, crying since this afternoon. He is all I really have in the whole world. Now he's gone, but, he isn't crippled anymore, and he'll be able to meet his mom and dad. and run and run..
so, that part is good.
But I miss him..

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