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Listen, losing weight involves much much more than just dieting...

Yes, thats why I haven't been here in a while. I'm going through a huge change in my life. I'm giving up using food as a safe tool and haven't found what to replace it with. The last time I did this, I replaced food with EXERCISE. Yes! working out at the gym, changing clothes in the locker room, working out with the most muscled guys and gals I've ever seen in my life. But, times change. The $15.00 yearly pass at the local city college is about 9 times that now. I can't get out to my college, where it wouldn't cost me anything to use the facilities. Its' about 14 miles away. So.....I'm searching for something to combine exercise and getting healthier. "Any ideas?"
Yes, I'll be here more often, and hopefully, maybe, just a tad healthier.

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