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Yes, i'm jumping the gun, so to speak. About Christmas that is.

I know we just had Halloween 2 weeks ago or so. The BIRD is coming this Thursday. But, with B-Day, comes that tubby guy in the red suit, being pulled by those reindeers. Yes, winter is sneaking around the corner, ever so slowly, but it'll be here before you can say, “Where did I put the de-icer and snow shovel?".Ah. That season where we don't have to worry about raking up those pesky leaves. We can also hope that the snow covers them completely till next spring. Then we can work them out.
Had some excitement yesterday. Bethesda Game Studios released a 10 year anniversary upgrade to their game, "SKYRIM". If you don't know what that game is about, it is probably the world’s greatest Role Playing Game ever made. So far. It’s open ended, so to speak.. That’s what makes it so great. You don't have to follow the quests, but go off by yourself, whichever direction you want to go. What an adventure. I've being hooked by "The Elder Scrolls for about the last 17 years. But I get a head of myself.  Enjoy the "BIRD DAY", with someone you love, and who loves you back.
I'm off

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