Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

I think I hear hoofs on my roof...

Well, here it is. December 24th, and I'm one happy camper. Why, you might ask? did my old flame come back ( right, and I'm a Chinese jet pilot) Did I win lotto? Nope, better than all of that....It's SNOWING OUTSIDE and we're suppose to have over 20 inches when it is finally through some time this weekend. Yeah! Wow, this is the only present I want. Beautiful snow, fluffy, freezing, and coming down and never stopping. almost like going to a Godzilla festival, but better.
Now, if I could get my friends would be no more death, pain or other things not friendly to a persons wellbeing. I do not much like the year 2001. If I could forget it, I would. But it stays there, and hurts too. I guess the sadness words spoken...." It didn't have to happen"
2002 is going to be better. I will find a Dr. who knows what he is doing. I'll give a hand at fanfiction( you never know) and I'll do all the other stuff I want to do ( how about losing 100 pounds tubby???) quit smoking and be healthy. B.S.
Hey, the sound of reindeer hoofs is drowning out this computer. time to check under the tree. Ho HO HO

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