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Now that is one way to start the Fall season out.

20 degrees. Now that’s the way to start off fall, running into winter? That was cold. No 70 degree days. That can only mean, get ready for it, "The Big Turkey Day" is fast approaching.  We all gain weight, but put off raking the rest of the leafs, hoping for the snow to cover them, not realizing, we'll have to shovel the heavy snow, with hard leafs under the snow.  It's one vicious thing after another. Now I have to check out my ham gear. I think the power supply might have got hit? The power switch won't turn off??  The insurance adjuster left. My roof will be fixed by next week. Now just find someone to remove and take out a bad tree. Oh, and my expensive vhf/uhf antenna is now in kit form. Yuck.
I'm off

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