Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Happy Halloween Next week.

Yup. Halloween is next week. YAY US. I'm going to dress up as a normal person. It should scare the hell out of people now days!  I can't really stand all the political non-sense on TV, So, I've got into the habit of going to YouTube, and loading up Virtual Japan. It’s a person with a 4K camera walking the streets of Japan’s different cities. Wow, such beautiful buildings, people!  It's amazing. And the bicycles. WOW. Motorcycles, bicycles. How do they ever co-exist on the same street!  But they do. Does my heart good. I do wish I could read Kanji (SP) or learn the language. I suppose there is time left, but wow.   But, they should all end after November 4th. I hope. Then, back to the regularly scheduled program.
I (we) can only hope.


I'm off

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