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One week to go before "HALLOWEEN'.

  Microsoft just gave me a Halloween Treat: They're ending support for Office Professional 2013. They want me to go out and buy Office 365. Really?? Maybe they're getting ready to go into the fishing pole business? Well, it certainly isn't the software company I’ve come to know and almost love. Nuts.
Here we are, on Cold, soggy (?) Sunday. This is about the 4th day the furnace kicking on has woke me up. Yuck!  I guess I know what I’ll be doing later this week when we have that 60 degree heat wave: put away the hose, use the lawn mower one last time. But the good thing, I’ll be able to bag the leaves with the help of Mr. Lawnmower. YAY me.
I have an interesting week ahead of me.  How about you?
I'm off

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