Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Yes, i know i brought the pumpkin icon early.

My neighbors are starting to inflate Halloween decorations. And, it’s only October 6!  Oh well. I'm greeting the day by doing the laundry, empting out the litter box, doing the dishes and typing here. What a guy!  I'm been busy trying to decide which computer operating system to install on my new computer. No, Windows 10 is out. I refuse to lose one more program due to Microsoft coming out with an OS that is not compatible with my existing software titles. NUTS!  Linux, Windows XP, Yes, that’s even in contention.  I'm going through the different types to see what will work with what I have already.  What got a bug up my nose? My graphics software title, just announced they were coming out with a major update to their program. This, after they just did this 8 months ago!  NUTS.
Them I like. Microsoft has to make its mind up, what business do you want to do, X-BOX, or Software programs. Its obvious, you can’t do both.
I'm off


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