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"Gobble Gobble....scratch scratch....."

Doggy sitting....again. but not the roth, she passed away about a month ago from really old age. Now, we are sitting something called a whippet??
Looks like a greyhound and something smaller, but she, her name is Trixie, is only one year old and this is the first time she's been away from her parents. oh, goody.. she's been crying and running around since her dad left. I hope this passes, cause I hate to see any critter crying for its mom or dad person.
Now update on the Katz. well, I almost caught one in the house on Sunday,but I was too slow and he/she was too fast. The kitten had a lame left paw and I thought enough is enough, and decided to keep her inside and then try to entice the mom and other kitten inside. ( as you can tell, I am really not too familiar with Katz!) I bough them Katz food, ( Science digest Cat food- WTF!!!! wow, thats really expensive!)
But, they deserve it and I feel nice knowing we've contributed to their thriving and living this long. yeah......
Now, its turkey time and hope you all have great Thanksgiving Day. YUM

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