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"The Cats are getting more stable in their personalities....."

Darn it. The little grey one follows us into the house and talks with us. He even plays with various toys we got for them. The really cute little black and white kitten is scared of his/her own shaddow. Mom, she tolerates us. But seeing mom and the crew sitting on our front steps, all in a row is cute. The grey one rubs against the mom. ah.....Now if I can only save them from our yuckie winter! We just changed cat food to science diet, cause we were told that the other stuff promotes urinary diease?????? We know nothing about katz... But the weekend is here and yeahs.... rainy, moody, dark skies. Yippee.. My kind of weather. Now if only we could get a brontosaurus or two to walk around with a stegosaurus thrown in for good measure.

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