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"Cats,Eagles, Anime and other interesting items...."

I can't belive I've been away from here for this long. wow. time really does fly. Well, I am now trying to entice a mommy cat and her two kittens to come inside our house. I would love to give them shelter and have a petting critter for the winter. But that is taking oodles of time. Once in the wild, they do seem not to trust us humans, even those who are feeding them twice a day.
Eagles? Yup. one, big large either Eagle or hawk. But I'm going for the Eagle. We've had a bad spring and summer and food must not be as plentiful as it should be. But I stop at feeding that critter! Squirrels, birds and cats are one thing, but a eagle.....
I don't feel too hot right now. I'm going to stop taking the cholesterol drug for a day and see what happens. The blood test came back all okay dokay, so I must have something else, right?
Now, back to Morrowind.

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