Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Here we go. the day before HUMP Day. whoppie

Wow, what a terrible past 24 hours. Mr. Arthritis came with a roar WOW. It hurt! I should have remembered that every August seems to be the month that triggers my arthritis. Change in the weather?  Could be. I know I was covered with sweat and ouches and yucky feelings. Even the cat left me alone. TRADIROR. But I got a lot done yesterday. I made arraignments to returns the shovel to Lowes, I applied and will get a new Social Security cart. (The dog liked to chew on anything of mine) and thought about replacing the stupid inkjet cartridge. Gosh, I hate the short life those things have. Give me a laser!
Ok, back to the cat.
I’m off


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