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"Well, now that was a most interesting 7 days......"

This is the first time I've posted since Last Wednesday after the election. I've been trying to talk a whole bunch of folks out of feeling depressed about the next 4 years. I've never heard so many people actually talk about moving north. I can't believe the let down 99% of my friends are feeling. But on the positive side, its great to know not everybody is totally blind. Yahoo....
Ok, now on the "lets spend all my money on health care topic", I get to go see my dr. tomorrow and have my blood tested for that cholesterol drug I'm taking. That stuff scares me silly. And now, I've started taking a water pill. OH man, I'm having fun now!
Better health through chemistry?????
Not to mention the $85.00 for a office call. ( the dude is half my age!)
Ok, back to Morrowind..

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