Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Now that was an interesting Saturday.

I spent the last 34 hours waiting for my computer to back up its files. 34 hours!  That’s what a USB 2.0 speed will do.  I'm getting ready to fire up the newer computer. Don't get me wrong, I’m still looking over mobo's, but this new one will keep me on the air.
"So how does a lonely, single boy spent his Saturday nights"?  Why, watching "Attack of the Giant Leeches". Another Roger Corman film. Now do you know why I’m lonely and sitting at home with my cat!
 Oh, don't forget waiting for my computer to finish its backup.
This is going to be a fun week, I can tell. I've really removed a lot of the branches my neighbor cut down, I maybe will be done with all of this within 2 weeks. Now that is great news. Oh, I tried to put the sprinkler out last night: no go. The gears are locking up. Oh well.
Ok, time to hug the cat.
I'm off


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