Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Now that was Natures natural alarm clock. Thunder.

My goodness. I got woke up by a scared cat and thunder. I didn't see any rain fall here then, but it came later. All 5 drops of it! But the humidity is down, and that’s good. Now as for today. Let’s see, yawn, scratch head, hug and hold the cat. Now that should take me up to lunch. Then hold the cat, while he takes a nap. Must hold cat perfectly still while he's snoozing. Then listen to Leo LaPort, the tech guy on Wood radio. Should be on between 3PM to 6PM.  Oh my, then its supper time. My oh my. Where did the time go!
Ok, not sure what'll I do today. Cool off I guess is the best thing to do.
STAY SAFE WEAR THE MASK, It'll protect YOU and ME.
I'm off


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