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'Trick or Treat..." and the end of Daylight savings time...

I'm not sure on this, but exactly what are we supposed to save when we're on Daylight savings time????? Its bloody dark outside now, I can't imagine what its going to look like tomorrow at this time.

Just craved the pumpkin. yuck!! Now I know why I'm not a world class anime artist: I suck!! Big time. you know those stick people?? I'm working on doing the background for them...
sigh...oh well....
Nobody over here is clear if people are going trick or treating tonight or tomorrow night, except it has now started to rain, so I suspect it'll be tonight.. Soggy candy bars and hard as a rock candy apple suckers. Gads, I love those things....

ok,,, "BOO"
now I'm off to watch "Blood, the last vampire". That show cries to be made into a series...

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