Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

"Thank you Macy's" For a wonderful 4th of July Fireworks display.

Now that was a nice surprise. I was surfing through the channels, and low-and-behold, I came across Macy's Fireworks display. All 2 hours of it! "THANK YOU". Now are city does put on a wonderful display, but due to the Corvud-19 virus shut down, money is kind of limited, for all of us. It was nice to see the hard hit Macy's put on such as big gala event.
For me, like Thom KI8W, I walked out on the front porch to get the Sunday paper, took 2 steps, and froze! "Did I want to get roasted?"  Ok, just do it. I walked the next 4 steps, picked up the paper and turned quickly and got back inside. Made it!
(Right into my favorite chair which was followed by a WARM, FURRY Cat, jumping onto my lap)  Cats.
Ok, time to get lazy.
STAY SAFE DO WEAR THE MASK. MORE NOW THAN BEFORE. There are a lot of disbelieving people out there.
I'm off


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