Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Here we are. Saturday.

To quote New York Times writer, David Brooks”This past week was simply awful!”  From Monday, till today. What can one say? The events are unfolding into......"What?”  This will test ones resolve and patience to the max. Hang in there.  As my Grampa would say, “IF it isn’t one things...". Man, was he right. And yet, among all the awful news and events, shining moments glow through it all. The neighbor who, without asking, helps another neighbor, and doesn't even know their name.  The group one hasn't been in contact with for months, drops by to see how one is doing, and asking "Do you need anything!”  "Do you need anything?"  What powerful words they are. The asking means the most, not what is needed.
Hang in there. We can change all this.
Stay Safe Be Careful
I'm off


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