Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

We made it, YUP.... It's HUMP DAY.

The middle of the week came, and here we are: HUMP DAY. But it seems to be a tad soggy. I thought we had the whole week to ourselves, no rain, and snow. Just wonderful sunny shine sky, cool breeze and did I mention, No snow?  Ok, I guess I did.  Well, The Lawnmower Doctor picked up my 40 year old Craftsman mower. Now I just wait. But oh, did the grass ever grow! I've got about 3 days’ worth of work to do when I get it back. In the meantime, laundry, pick up the trash and tear up boxes for the recycle day. Which is delayed by one whole day. I forgot. Today will be kind of busy.  But, first, I have to meet my mid-morning obligations of holding the cat, till he gets tired of it.
STAY SAFE DO WEAR A MASK. Protect others.
I'm off


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