Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Happy Memorial Sunday`

Well here we are. All happy and sassy. Must be Memorial Day Sunday.  Beautiful Day. Bright sunny shine. Little breeze. Ah.... I had a nice surprise yesterday, my next door neighbor mowed part of my front lawn.  I tried to start my mower Friday with no luck. I think it’s about 40 years old. They'll be over Wednesday to pick it up. What a nice surprise. I also helped my other neighbor out by saving her some boxes: she needs them to put donations in.  How nice. A great start to this weekend.  I also got a tad ahead of designing the web site. The color scheme is going to be key to the site and banner. I'll pull the old thinking cap on tiger, and see what pops out.
Ok, Stay Safe Your needed in this old world. More now than ever before.
I'm off


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