Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

What a world.

Nuts with taking a History class. We've got our hands full just dealing with what is going on now! 500 year flood, a virus that likes to attack different people in different ways. People acting like idiots. I mean, full tilt bozo.   This is what it's like to experience life changing events.  WOW. Thinking about all the things I’ve been through, this is probably the most taxing. All of me is involved in dealing with this. I can almost feel my existence or should I saw, my view of existence, change as the events go on. WOW.  We should all write our feelings and experiences of dealing with this down. This is history. OUR History.
Today is also, grocery day and return an Amazon package.
PLEASE STAY SAFE.  Be careful.
I’m off

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