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"Look what Badkitty 1782 made for me!"

I am not worthy.....This is a cute photo of a Samoyed pup. My first Sammy was called Pippin. I had that wonderful critter for 12 years, till she passed away back in 1997. It was that dog that started me in providing a "Forever Home" for samoyed pooches. I do think one should repay one for the goodness one finds in their life. But today was a sad day to... Gerdy the Rothrider, passed away early Saturday morning while sleeping in her owners bed. This was very sad for my friend Serge, cause Gerdy's brother pooche, just passed away 3 months ago. Serge has been dreading this for quite awhile now. They buried her next to her brother. Then Serge had to call his whole family, who have raised this dog since they got her as a pup..She was 14 years old. Darn good for a large breed dog!

So I got this nice surprise from Badkitty1782 ( she's really nice, not bad at all!) and then the other news..
Well, I'm closing this computer down now. We're having a thunderstorm right now????WTF???? all week we couldn't get past 41 degrees an now....

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