Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Yay. Spring has finally sprung!

And with lightening, thunder, spring has finally spring!  YES. It's here. Everybody, start your lawn mowers, and put away your snow shovels. At lease for the rest of this month. The cat let me sleep in today. Till 8:12AM. Then he promptly went upstairs to go to bed!  Cats! Today is do a lot around the house day. Grocery shopping, what to get. I am always trying to decide what to get. Habits are nice, but having the same food every day after every day is, well, not too good for the body. We need variety. You know, the green stuff, the red and soft foods, garden stuff. Can stuff is ok, once in a month.  If it sounds like I’m whining, nope. Just trying to eat good stuff. Hopefully, I'll get the good stuff.
(I’m postponing doing the house work by talking about food. Is it working?)
Stay Safe Stay inside and stay alive!
I'm off


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