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yup, thats Groucho Marks.

It's Mother's Day weekend. It was greeted by 28 degree night, followed by a whopping 40 degree day? Or so. But the snow didn't stick, nor was any ice to found, except in your glass of refreshment. All in all, a great start to Mother's Day weekend.  I decided, if Mom were still with me, to take her out to the kitchen, and then, perhaps outdoors to the backyard, so maybe she'd offer to mow the lawn?
Ok ok. I'm pushing it. But it is her day. And this year, does she ever deserve it.
God Bless All the Mother's out there. Let's all be kind to them, and hug them. (You can hug then with their memories they gave us-if they're not with us any longer).
I'm off

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