Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Here we are. On glorious, Saturday. YAY we made it!

The first (hopefully not the last) beautiful weekend in May. I spent a few phone calls yesterday trying to find out if the postman will be picking up food for their Mother's Day pantry event. I always try to give something. But computers over the phone lines don't receive questions too good. Hopefully, I'll find out later this coming week. But, I have a lot of editing to do, and coming up with HOTY web site. I've got oodles (more than one) web services to check out. Gosh, they're not free anymore!! Surprise! This old world going to heck in a handbag. But had a fun time on ZOOM last night. I used the wrong computer, so I could view and hear, but not speak or be seen. I'll try that new laptop and see how that works out.
Once again, the cat decided I couldn't sleep in pasty 7AM. And on a Saturday too! Of course, He wanted to jump onto my lap and promptly go to sleep. Cats!
Ok, Stay-Safe Stay Inside.
I'm off

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