Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

It's Snowing! Yes it is......On April 22th. "HUMP DAY"!

Well, now that isn't very nice. Snowing on April 22th... and on Hump Day too!  I smell a rat in here, somewhere. I rolled out the garbage cart, wearing a short sleeve shirt. “I seem to learn the hard way!" I put a sweater on after I thawed out.  I found out my "almost" new computer is being disassembled. Well, the Blu-ray drive and hard drive are being removed. I should be good to go.  I've decided binge watching TV is not the smartest behavior I've gotten into. I've also seen some really awful movies. (How could these flicks cost more than 10 million??)
$3.95 per Bugs Bunny episode?  I don't think so.  Keep testing myself with "FALLOUT 4". Bethesda Game Studios sure know how to keep their games fresh. This is almost like playing a new game.
Ok, Keep Safe, Stay inside. We all know what is outside in the air right now.
I'm off


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