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"I can't believe how low people can go..."

As I type this, I'm 1. pissed off 2. upset 3. frustrated .....
I can't believe this even happened. but,,, One of my lovely neighbors rented her apartment out to a 24 year old gal who just had her leg completely removed, due to a car accident. Well, the gal got a boyfriend, and wanted permanent company. The so called land lord said yes, they could both move in.....Then two weeks later, changed her mind. So the gal looked around and found a overly priced apartment and broke the lease on the place she's living in now. My lovely neighbor said she would refund her security deposit, because she wanted to. that was also about 2 weeks ago. Tonight, as she was showing the apartment to the next tenant, she decided she wasnt' going to refund the deposit because 1. she just tore out her bathtub and really made a mess out of it and could use the security deposit money on herself. But of course, she waited till the new tentant left before telling the old tenant this news. The old tenant has been cleaning the apartment over the last 4 days!! I am so sick of this bull shit.....I'm seriously thinking of waiting till the new tenant arrives and simply introducing myself and inform them of the facts of life. But I guess I can confront this person first. "What kind of morals does this person have?"
the sick thing is, she is a teacher!!!
slow burn....

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