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The next to the last day of.....

I just got the anime "Brain Powered". Now why would I do that? Cause I'm bored out of my ever loving mind watching this trash that they put on prime time. I guess the programmers must not think too much of the people who watch tv now days. Turning to the weather....What really strange weather. Hurricanes down south, and we're supposed to drop to 35 degrees tonight! My nightly, daily, critter feeding schedule now includes 1 or 2 raccoons, 1 possum, 7 squirrels, 2 or 3 stray cats and no dogs. oh, one woodpecker. I like that dude.
I'm tired, cause my stupid arthritis is really acting up tonight. ouch....Dam...everything else is getting stiff on my body except for my........

ok, ok. there, I settled down.
Today, I had to starve myself so I could take a blood test. For two dr.s no less.. But I couldn't produce any liquid. nuts. I guess I was too tired or something. I need my morning coffee. You can mess with my girlfriend, mess with my cigarettes, which I don't smoke anymore or you can mess with my car, but don't mess with my morning coffee.....

So, now I wait and see if the test results indicate anything serious. I don't think they will, but....

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