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" Ancientone meets ComCast......"

I think I'll put a hide-me link for this story. I know some may be interested, and some......foolie......

The trees have grown so much this past year, I have lost about 20% of my DirecTV coverage. So, while I'm trying to locate a tower climbing person to fasten my dish on the tower, I thought I would, after a 14 year absence, go back to land cable tv. Over here, it is operated by ComCast. I call, and of course there current deal is $29.95 a month for 6 months, and then it goes up to $74.95! I knew land cable had gone up, but wow, I wasn't ready for this. I agreeded, till I found out they also wanted $65.95 to install it! I thought about his added cost for about 2 nano-seconds and said thank you, but no way, and hung up. Faster than a herd of speeding turtles, Comcast called me back. They were willing to split the installation cost over two months. Now, isn't that special.....I was about to hang up and he knew it, so he said as a special one time deal to me, I would only have to shell out $31.50. Now, you must remember, it was just 2 weeks before that Comcast was running an add for 1 year at $29.95 and no installation cost. ok, go ahead. I sadly watch what I think is my last night of DirecTV and wait for tomorrow. Tomorrow, what a day.. First, my old cable wont pass the new and vastly improved optical feed signal. so rip out the old cable, that was put in way back in 1979 and put in the newer stuff. The poor guy really has his work cut out for him, what with the stupid heat and humidity. Then he gets it all set up and takes off. Wow, back to cable and its high quality digital channels. gee whiz.....So I thought I would just finger through the channels and lo and behold, I keep getting this message, Not authorized to view this. Ok, so I move on to the next channel, same thing. Now what is funny about this, is it is all taking place in Comcasts digital channel line up. After I got his message for 40 channels, like the Discovery channel, Life, The History channel, I thought I better call Comcast and see whats up. The first 3 people I talked with said they hadnt turned on the digital channels. no problem, just transfer me to a techie and they'll take care of it. Not so. the techie checked and no, I do not get the digital channels. Not even the fitness channel. I got about 5 channels or so, but nothing that I would be interested in watching. I was told the digital channels, now get this, are not included in the digital gold package????? well sure, I can see that...Makes sense to me... So I got really stupid, and asks this techie, ok, how much will it cost to turn on the digital package for the digital gold package. This shoots right over the head of the techie.. But, she comes back with, we can't turn on the digital channels at present till your 6 month contract expires. You mean, I can't even purchase them to view now? Thats right. Ok, still continuing to feel and act like an idiot, I ask so how much will it cost to get the digital channels when this expires. Oh, $104.95.
blink blink.. ok, I ask her if she can turn off everything I just had turned on 45 minutes ago, and also to refund my installation check. I also tell her I'm going to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Deceptive advertising. You know, I still can not find any exact schedule of what channels I had....
So, I unplugged the whole mess, got out the Bird receiver, which I had not turned off, and watched Cartoon Network, and was glad...
The moral to this story, ( here it comes....) "A Bird in the sky is worth 1.5 million miles of cable...."

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