Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Hey, we made it through the "BIG" snow storm. HA HA HA.

Happy Tuesday is here. I spent the day emptying out the cats litter box, then dusting 'EVERYTHING" that was covered with litter dust. I then shoveled the sidewalk and almost slipped and fell. Wow, now thats one slippery sidewalk! If you don't have to get out today, wait till the ice melts a tad. This is danerous stuff.  I then brough down the Kenwood component cabinet and prompty unplugged  "everything" behind the TV. I called my professional TV AV person and he promply plugged me back in. Ah, what a day. Of  course, now that i'm writting into this blog, the cat wants to jump onto my lap.  if it aint one thing.....
I'm off


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