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"A nice Saturday night...except for the crap.."

yes sir re bob....I sure like to let folks take advantage of me. I almost fell into the old trap earlier today when I was going to open up a ream of paper to print out the clubs newsletter: I stopped and looked at the price of $4.95 and thought, gee, how much of that would they decide to pay me back? So, I stopped doing any such thing, and enjoyed the beautiful September Saturday afternoon. It was cool! My neighbor lady brought over a Belly Dancing music CD. She wanted another copy for her teacher. ITs going to be a hot time in the old neighborhood now. Look out!
I'm really enjoying using the DVD-R recorder. Its great! I backed up my entire data and stuff on only 8 DVDs!
Thats good.
Tomorrow is the day I say goodbye to Directv. Hello Comcast. oh yuckie!!!! Gads I hate doing this, but the trees have just grown and now they block the signal. nuts...
sigh. back to finishing up watching "Neo Ranga". not back at all.

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