Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Hey, it's TGIF.

Yup. TGIF and that means , Oscar weekend, and shoveling oodles of snow. YAY us.  Or not. I discovered that the sidewalks that had been replaced by DTE was like a skating rink!  Slippery is an understatement! This pavement is danerous.
Tonight is the club meeting and maybe, dinner aftwards. Maybe. Got a lot done today, so pretty much set for the rest of the month. Now if only i had that almost new computer.....I'm sick and tired of this ergo designed keyboard. I don't think i've ever made as many mistakes typing as i do with this monster. So, i have a new, flat keyboard, ready to be pluged into the new computer. YAY me.
I'm off
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