Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Tis all through the house.....The morning after...wrapper season.

Now that was a quiet Christmas Eve. Just a bunch of Text messages, and then fall asleep in the chair before the Christmas Eve at the Vatican came on. The Pope looked tired. and...this was different this year. like they opened up the whole floor of the vatican....Maybe its just me getting old??
Today, i torn up a few boxes, all the cart tipping is a day delayed. Maybe grocery shopping too. and breakfast at New Beginings. Depends on how it goes. A lot of my friends are not feeling up to pair. coulds, but Fortunately, not one reported case of the flu.
Now is the week when we think of all that has happened during the preceding year. Wow, its been a full year, hasn't it!
So hope you all have had a Merry  Christmas and a joyouse seaon.
I'm off

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