Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

18 degrees!!!

 Wow. 18 degrees, and that is at 11:34AM! Now thats a cold way to greet the morning. And its not officially winter yet. Here comes the cold and snow. Of course, I have to wheel the cart out, shovel the steps and maybe put some salt on the steps. and in 38 hours, this will all be gone!  But, not forgotten.  Today is "HUMP" Day. Yay us.  I finally figured out that means we break our hump shoveling snow. Right?  Something like that. I watched "Godzilla, King of the monters" last night. A great addistion to the Godzilla series. What a difference: the films went from men in rubber suits to motion capture actors. What a kick! I guess its time to go brave the COLD outside, and shovel and wheel out the cart. burrrrrrrr.
i'm off

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