Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Here comes the artic front........"Again!!!"

Man, this artic vortex thing is supposed to drop down twice this coming winter. But that doesn't even count the artic front that will come here over the next 3 days. burrrrrrrrr. This is getting old fast. I thought i heard that even the reindeers were wearing mittens this year!  It's true. I heard it on the internet!
So for tonights meal, i'm seriously thinking of getting a Papa Johns pizza. I said, I'm thinking about it.
My 70tn birthday present to myself, Godzilla, King of the Monters, will arrive today. I got about 50% off! Thank you Amazon. But i do have work to get done with, but find i'm still in the pondering stage yet: that means I haven't decided on what the work will look like. Last night, i watched " The Command", about the terrible Kurse submarine Disaster, The terrible price politics can cost. R.I.P. to her crew.
I'm off


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