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"Ancientone goes to the Doctor!"

I think I'll keep the particulars behind here.
So I had my bro's buddy take me to the Dr. This Dr. is just 3 years into doing his residence. He looked me over real good, cause he,s never seen Ankylosing sponodylitis before. I'm used to it. But he spent oodles of time cleaning my ears. they were just filled with gook. My blood pressure was a tad high and he decided to put me on drugs. I like drugs....LOL.
Cause of my age, he checked me for prostrate swelling and other things one shouldn't discuss during dinner! then he weighted me..I've lost 20 pounds. Yeah. gosh, Now all I have to do lose the rest, which should take me about 5 years.
I celebrated the weight lost by buying donuts!???
ok, this makes sense???

more later. Right now I'm installing my brand new DVD burner. WOW..

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