Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Ho Ho Ho. Yup. He's tuning up his reindeer and sledge.

YAY. "Have we been nice, or had fun this past year?" ( I mean naughty). It's almost that time. 1. set the cookies out. 2. a nice glass of milk. 3. more cookies ( he's always late!). and presto. Here he comes. Ah, walking through the Neighborhood, smelling the aroma of wood burning in fireplaces. Hearing the sound of crunches as your feet crackle the ice on the sidewalk. Ah, the sound you make as you slip and fall flat on your butt. "Tis the seaons to be merry".  Thank goodness for furry warm kitty kats. Better than a hot water bottle.
I'm off

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