Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Gobble gobble gobble. this time, its the night before T-day.

Here comes the wind. 50 degrees on the eve of Thanksgiving??  Now i just know we're in for it. if not today, tomorrow.  Today my friend is supposed to be home from the hospital. YAY him.  Normally, i'd be calling friends and wishing them a Happy Thanksgivings. But that list has strunk, big time. When most of your friends are older than you are.  This will happen.But the cat said to hush up and fill his food dish. Cats are like that!
After 1 hour of pushing buttons and going through different menus, i finally got the new inkjet cartridge installed. Still have to test it.
From Scooter the cat, and Me, we're wishing you all a merry, happy Thanksgiving. Now, go stuff yourselves! ( with good things)
I'm off

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