Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Gobble gobble gobble.....

Well, here we are, NOT on Hump Day, but doing the Monday stuff, on Tuesday. Ok, so i'm a day late, and a dollar short, "Thats life!" But i'm having fun.  "Are You?". I have just discovered that THE CAT, owns me. I'm here in HIS house, to feed him, hold him and let him rest on my body, so he can get warm. I feel like I'm in the Twighlight zone. Today is laundry day and clean up day.   The plans i had to visit my friend in the hospital crumbled. No go. I'll see what happens today. I had a inkjet cartridge calling me. Time to replace it. oh joy...
ok, time to hold the meow kitty.
i'm off

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