Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

YAY. it's bright Sunday.

The week before "We Get the BIRD". except, I don't think i'm getting the bird. Tuna fish is good too. or, chicken things. Or, i could take a note from my cat, eat cat nip. That will do the trick!   Today is get ready to move the files over to the "almost" brand new puter. Maybe. its such a nice day.  I also found a new TV series to watch: "Ray Donovan".  That caught me just like G.O.T..  Its that good. Liev is a great actor, just didn't have a good script to work with.  So its a good Sunday, but people have some problems. I wish they would all go away and leave them alone. Problems can wait. drats.
ok, i'm off
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