Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Yes, its that time once again....

The BIg Guy in the Red suit went down Monroe street.  He wished us all a "MERRY CHRISTMAS".  He shares my wishes too. But lets get ready for the big T-Day: gobble gobble. I'm deciding to install my "kind of new" computer sometime this month. I just found out, i have 2.1 gigs of E-Mails saved!   Once again, with feeling, "2 Gigs" of E-mail data. Thats too much. Being a professional pack rat is one thing, but this.....
what to keep.. Ideas would really help me out, i think. But, it is TGIF, one day later. see, i didn't forget, just slow, thats all.
Enjoy the weekend and remember, Santa is keeping a list......
I'm off

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