Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Busy Tuesday.

I spent yesterday, getting a flu shot, having a blood test, and waiting while "ALL" of my internet stuff got updated. Thats why no posting yesterday. If it wasnt one computer, it was a lap top, or a cell phone, or, yes, even PS-4. What a way to spend a day. get poked in the arm, get a shot. On the good side, i had 2 nurses, and two Dr.'s. Wow, I guess i must be a medical miracle??? ok, two residents and two normal medical staff. But still, i felt really hot for a moment.
Today, I get ready to install a new, very high priced, inkject cartridge and maybe go out to dinner with my friends. Nothing like whining to your fiiends about getting poked!
Ok, I'm off

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