Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

yup. it's TGIF and it's 30 degrees.

We made it!  30 degrees and on a TGIF!  What more can we ask for?  Like to be through this winter, yeah, that will work.  Thursday was a busy day. Had breakfast at "New Beginings", talked about trading computers, installing Microsoft server software, but just for a 30 day trial. It's good to get back to internet-ing! Now create the WMHOTY web site. I wish i had more photographs than just faces, but they will have to be enough.
Spent time listening to music last night. The Beach Boys, "God only Knows". that tune just keeps running through my head. catchy, isn't it.
Hey, its TGIF. Go and have a blast- shovel your driveway!
I'm off ( and hiding out from you)

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