Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Sunny shiney, clear sky day. 22 degrees with 8 inches of snow.

Wow. I've got some great neighbors!  I went out yesterday to shovel my sidewalk and my neighbor's. And then some. This morning i woke up to hearing a snowblower, and thought one of my neighbors must be following suit, and clearing their sidewalk too. Wrong. They, who ever it was, snowblowed my driveway!  I just came inside after braving the harse cold, that i thought i would have to face when shoveling my driveway. Nope. one of them already did it. What a swell bunch of neighbors i have. I know this is late in the afternoon, but if you haven't been outside, "DONT GO OUTSIDE!". I found, just walking down the drive, i had about 4 minutes before my hands and ears started to feel numb. Yikes!  This is WAY too early for this stuff. January, February, yes, November 11th.
oh well. My neighbors and all my friends are responsible for putting that warm smile on my face.
This is truly being Blessed. God Bless them!
I'm off


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