Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

5 inches of snow and the temp is 25!

I wonder what Thanksgiving day is going to be like. I just came in from shoveling over 5 inches of snow. I'll finish when i thraw out!  The radio is working swell, but only 2 repeaters were used.  Out of 121!  And on a weekend night too. I guess cell phones have really gotten people hooked into their uses. In place of Ham radio!   You mean, nobody has a fascination about radio propagation, how circuits work and how to build a circuit yourself??  Lets get our fingers dirty. use that knowledge. Your more than that!.
I'll try and post the URL to the Yaesu company's update service center.  Back out to shoveling. Unless, one of you wants to volunteer to strain your back too.
I'm off

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